Our VS CBD products are triple tested with third party laboratories in Portland, Oregon. Testing through third parties ensures that the results are unbiased and 100% honest. We pride ourselves on our transparency with our customers, as well as our top tier quality of organically sourced CBD. We post our lab results to prove the consistency and accurateness of our products!

1500mg Blueberry/Strawberry Tincture

1500 milligrams of organic, hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD oil flavored with your choice of blueberry or strawberry! Our CBD tincture has a variety of benefits from stress, relieving discomfort & anxious feelings, promoting relaxation, and much more! The potency of this product will ensure long-lasting effects with just one full dropper!

500mg Blueberry/Strawberry Tincture

Our 500 Milligram tincture is filled with organically derived, full-spectrum CBD oil with a subtle twist of blueberry or strawberry flavor. This tincture is perfect for people who experience discomfort, anxious feelings, achy muscles, trouble sleeping, and stress. It has a variety of potential benefits, including but not limited to.


A flavorful and THC-free way to reap all of the benefits that CBD has to offer! 10 Gummies per container, each gummy contains 25 milligrams of CBD and 0mg of THC. Naturally made with a handful of ingredients.

Pet CBD Tincture

Our Pet CBD Tincture contains 450 milligrams of naturally sourced full-spectrum CBD oil.

Pet CBD Treats

Our organic, full-spectrum CBD treats may help pets with.

Purely Naturals Plantitas Purple Reina Shampoo

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